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Do you want to join us for a ride?

Every journey should have a clear destination. Ours is to solve cycling's little niggles and make it an even more enjoyable sport than it already is.

Our first range of products - our pocket essentials - was born out of the issues encountered during our first season of road cycling. Various mechanical problems, accidents, freak weather events etc. all left us wondering if there was a product for this or a product for that. Invariable there was, but only in ‘normal retail size’ packaging - not particularly suitable for wedging in your jersey pocket. There certainly wasn’t anything specifically formulated and packaged for the cyclist.

And so the work on the products began.

We have since teamed up with a UK based manufacturer and successfully taken our first product idea and made it a reality.The Velofresh Grease & Grime Remover Power Wipe will be available from February 2017.

We have a further four products waiting in the wings.

To help bring these to life we will soon be embarking on a crowdfunding campaign. This campaign will support the manufacture and marketing of these amazing new products in our Pocket Essentials Range.

To be notified when our crowdfunding campaign is active, please call us on: 07881 900337

Velofresh Founder Val O’Neill tells us how it all started.