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Size (and weight) Matters.

The very first range of products to be launched by Velofresh, will be our collection of ‘pocket essentials’. Born out of the tribulations every cyclist faces from time to time, we are creating a series of products to solve the sorts of issues you have whilst out on the road or on the trail.

These products will all be unique in that they will be specifically formulated with the cyclist in mind. They will be packaged in conveniently small and lightweight packets which slip neatly in to any jersey pocket or cycling backpack with the minimum of fuss.

The very first product to be launched will be the ‘Velofresh Bike Wipe’. The idea for this being conceived following a number of ‘mechanicals’ which always resulted in both the cyclist and the bike ending up covered in chain oil and grease. These Cycle Wipes have been specifically formulated to be used on hands and skin to remove oil and grease, as well as acting as a heavy duty general purpose wipe which are equally as good at removing mud and road grime. They come in compact packets of 15 wipes.

As stated above, this is just the first of a series of pocket essentials products to launched this year. Details of additional products will be available soon.